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ISM, Star Formation, Astrochemistry and Astrobiology

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Note: The original 'ISM, Astrochemistry and Astrobiology' page and 'Star and Planet formation Page' have been merged to this one document. 


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Contributed Science Cases:


Below is a list of suggested science cases provided by the AtLAST community. If/when adding your own suggestions, please read through the current list to ensure you're not duplicating a case, and use the template below for structuring your input.


Title: My Contributed Science Case
Summary: Here I'm going to regale you with a tale of the amazing contributions to my field that the AtLAST telescope will be able to provide. There are a lot of specifics in this summary, but I'm striving to keep it short and succinct. I also don't need any figures or tables to drive my point home.
Contributor: I.M Awesome
Interested: I. Should-have Thought-of-that

Title: Origin of Molecular clouds and HI-to-molecular transition: CO-survey of translucent clouds
Summary: TBW
Contributor: A. Hacar
Interested: P. Klaassen


Title: Filaments within 3kpc: Galactic Plane survey in multiple line-tracers
Summary: TBW
Contributor: A. Hacar,
Interested: P. Klaassen 

Title: Gas dynamics in the solar-neighborhood
Summary: TBW
Contributor: A. Hacar

Title: Bridging the observational gap between the ISM and the CGM 

Summary: Detection of extended (>10 kpc) molecular and atomic gas reservoirs that constitute the so-called "circum-galactic medium", so far studied mostly in absorption and at other wavelengths. The CGM encodes crucial info about: feeding/feedback processes and galaxy interactions. Key science case for ATLAST (especially in conjunction with ALMA): need very high sensitivity, zero-spacing coverage, and large FoV. Relevant for both local and high-z galaxies (see also Extragalactic Science cases).
Contributor: C. Cicone
Interested: I. Should-have Thought-of-that

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